Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

Global environment facility project will be implemented in Ukraine.


Global environment facility project will be implemented in Ukraine with the purpose to prevent the land degradation, climate change adaptation and contribution to poverty reduction in rural areas of Ukraine. It is expected that the project will be implemented in 2017-2021. It will contain a component for improving the balanced forest management.


First Vice Chairman of the State Agency of forest resources of Ukraine Christina Yushkevich introduced the agency's position in this area. A development of strategy of forest’s adaptation to climate change, the creation of forests on degraded lands in the East and South of Ukraine, the recovery of anti-erosion structures and the establishment anti-erosion plantations was suggested. Implementationof the rehabilitation programs for forest health and recovery forest resources affected by the hostilities.
Currently, the mission of FAO experts as the agency is in Ukraine. That will be responsible for the preparation and implementation of this project in Ukraine. The mission’s objective is to gather proposals from various ministries and departments about possible directions to realize the project.