Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

Repayable assistance

Farms eligible to participate in competition for financial support:

1. The newly created farms and farms with separate estates, farms that carry out economic activities and are located in the mountain towns, which are provided by financial support during three - five years for the production, processing and marketing of products, Proceedings of production activities;

2. The other farms - up to five years for the purchase of machinery, equipment, renovation of working capital, production and processing of agricultural products, construction and reconstruction of production and non-production facilities, including the residential area(total area ​​no more than 125 sq. Meters ), to lay perennial plants, developing of credit and service cooperatives, including the payment of shares to mutual fund agricultural service cooperatives formed by farmers themselves or together with members of the private farms irrigation and land reclamation.

The amount of financial support UAH..

Financial support on the competitive basis on a rotating base is provided in an amount does not exceed 250 thousand UAH enforcement with the obligation to return the budget money

* Announcement of competition is published in the print media (the name of the newspaper/ publication can be found in the offices of the fund).

* Documents for the competition are accepted during 15 days from the date of publication.