Міністерство аграрної політики та продовольства України

The concept of reformation of Ukrainian State Farmers Support Fund was welcomed by farmers



On the meetings of the Association of Farmers and Landowners on May 24-25 in Odessa region general Director of the Ukrainian State Farmers Support Fund – Ivan Slobodianyk presented the concept of reform of Ukrstatefund.

 The concept provides new approaches to support small and medium agricultural producers and gives the opportunity to work in the absence of direct financing and indirect support to farmers.

 "First of all we want to reform the Ukrstatefund in payment agency like in Europe. In our view this is the only system of services and loans to Ukrainian farmers where they can get all the information and documents at once. This work must be complex, and we are ready to start now, "- said Ivan Slobodianyk.

 The proposal of Ivan Slobodianyk  was welcomed and agreed by farmers. Besides the problems hostile takeover of land farms were discussed on the meetings. The participants concluded that it is necessary to create self-defense units and defend their own land.
As noted earlier, the Minister of Agrarian policy and food of Ukraine – Taras Kutovyi
determinated  the support of small and medium farms as priority in the strategy of "3 + 5". This strategy involves three important areas: government support of farmers, rural development and completion of the land reform. The following five priorities - the development of markets, organic produce, public enterprises,irrigation and food safety.